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The online Guitar Tuner game is created by the author lolz666 and is available on our website among many other Flash games. The online Guitar Tuner game allows players to tune their real life electric guitar or electric bass guitar along to the online Guitar Tuner. The electric guitar and electric bass guitar sounds that playback on the online Guitar Tuner are perfectly within tune. This will enable the user to tune their guitar so that it is also perfectly in tune as well.

How to use the Online Guitar Tuner

First the person must turn on their computer speakers and enable their sound on their computer so they may hear the guitar tones. Once the player has their computer sound on and are ready, they may use their mouse to click the corresponding string on either the guitar or bass guitar to make it sound. When they click on the string, they may then allow it to sound while they pluck the string on either their guitar or bass guitar at the same time and adjust the pegs accordingly.

It may take some time to tune their guitar, however the online Guitar Tuner is just as reliable as a real life tuner would be. The electric guitar on the online Guitar Tuner is a 6-string guitar with strings E, A, D, G, B and E. The graphics for the electric guitar on the online Guitar Tuner is that of a Gibson Studio guitar with a black head, golden adjustable pegs and a deep brown fretboard with white square designs equally spaced apart from each other.

The player may also click on the “Bass” tab at the top right-hand corner of the online Guitar Tuner to change the instrument to the bass guitar. The bass guitar features on the online Guitar Tuner is a Fender with a tan bass head with silver adjustable pegs. The fretboard is brown with equally spaced white dots. The strings on the bass guitar are E, A, D and G. The player may again click the string they would like to hear and then adjust their real life bass guitar strings accordingly.

Online Guitar Tuner Techniques

The player may also press the numbers keys one through six on their keyboard to play the corresponding stings on the guitar as well. For the bass guitar, the player may press keys one through four on the keyboard if they would prefer to do so. If the player would like to see a dialog reminder of these actions, they can also click on the “HELP!” button located in the lower left-hand corner of the online Guitar Tuner screen.

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